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With over 45 years’ experience in the food and beverage industry, designing, remanufacturing equipment to both small and large, food and beverage companies around the world, we have a wealth of experience in those industries. From design, to remanufacture and installation of large high-volume equipment, Express Food Machinery will assist you with all your equipment remanufacturing needs.

  • Sanitary and ongoing hygiene centered re-design.
  • Optimized for Production efficiency.
  • Readily available spare parts and technical support.
  • Pre-owned machines - “Proudly hand-crafted in America”

Our team takes pride in every stage of our machine remanufacturing process, and we keep ongoing machine maintenance, hygiene, and machine efficiency at the heart of our process. One of the major differences between Express Food Machinery remanufactured equipment and our competition is our dedication to our 2,000-hour warranty - our warranty is based on machine running hours, not based on when the F.A.T. is completed or when the equipment is delivered to a customer’s production facility it actually starts when the equipment is installed, commissioned and producing sellable products – that`s the Express Food Machinery difference

Our remanufactured equipment is like purchasing brand new equipment – we are proud of every part of the remanufacturing process and the benefits of that passion and commitment travels through to the end result which is a safe, durable, efficient and hygienic machine.

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