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One of the major differences between Express Food Machinery remanufactured equipment and our competition is our dedication to our 2,000 hour warranty -our warranty is based on machine running hours, not based on when the F.A.T. is completed or when the equipment is delivered to a customers production facility it actually starts when the equipment is installed, commissioned and producing salable products – that`s the Express Food Machinery difference

Express Food Machinery remanufacturers all types of food and beverage equipment, with excellent hygiene and sanitation standards. Our pricing structure allows our customers to remanufacture their equipment at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new equipment. One of the advantages of remanufactured equipment is that our customers have a major input into any upgrades, bespoke changes or any production facility-focused changes needed for optimum equipment performance.

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Our remanufactured equipment is designed not only for production through-put, but also for the operator and maintenance teams that will be working with our equipment. Each machine has been carefully “hand-crafted” with ergonomics and ease of operation. Additionally, we provide appropriate feedback to the operator so it’s intuitive to know ‘what comes next’ during operation.

All our machines and supplementary equipment are manufactured entirely of stainless steel and food-quality materials to prevent rust and the need for potentially toxic coatings when handling food, beverage, and CIP solutions. Our clean yet simple designs make it easy to remove, maintain, and install components whenever necessary. Each part is marked with an identifier to establish traceability and ease of identification for re-order.


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