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With over 45 years experience in the food and beverage industry, designing, manufacturing, and supplying equipment to both small and large, food and beverage companies around the world, we have a wealth of experience in those industries. From design, to manufacture and installation of large high volume equipment, Express can assist you with all your equipment requirements.

  • Sanitary Centered Design
  • Optimized for Production
  • Readily available spare parts
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Our SMART-RANGE of equipment is designed not only for production through-put, but also for the operator and maintenance teams that will be working with our equipment. Each machine/appliance has been carefully crafted with ergonomics and ease of operation. Additionally, we provide appropriate feedback to the operator so it’s intuitive to know ‘what comes next’ during operation.

All machines and supplementary equipment are manufactured entirely of stainless steel to prevent rust and the need for potentially toxic coatings when handling food, beverage, and CIP/COP solutions. Our clean yet simple designs make it easy to remove, maintain, and install components whenever necessary. Each part is marked with an identifier to establish traceability and ease of identification for re-order.


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